Ont. Minimum Wage | Military Procurement | MP Harrassment | Beyak Sacked | BC Liberal Race | ALR Commission


Buckle up gumshoes, because our intrepid detectives Erin, Matthew and Pat are back on the case. They examine whether the Wynne Government's $15 minimum wage increase really is stealing jobs from hard working Ontarians, and try and figure out whether the hubbub over shipbuilding and fighter jet procurement is really warranted. In Ottawa, they hunt for clues on who is harrassing female MPs and staffers, and review some of the vile things that Senator Beyak did to get her kicked out of the Tory caucus. Back in BC, 5 men and 1 woman are vieing for the Liberal leadership, one Vicky (the Slick) Huntington has nabbed herself a key appointment on the new Agricultural Land Reserve Review Commission, and close the Pod Keep Our Land cold case on funding for PrEP. 

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