The Mighty Megaproject

August 12, 2017

Erin, Matthew and Patrick come together to check in with BC politics as the Jobs Minister makes an unforced error, and attempt to figure out what might stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline and what might get it built. They wonder why it's so hard to build things in Canada, and debate whether this is a good thing, before heading to Saskatchewan to examine the demise of that province's rural bus company. 


Wild-gressive Uni-Tories

July 29, 2017

Host Erin is joined yet again by Matthew and Patrick as they check back in with the BC Cabinet, then look up and over the Rockies to Alberta, where the Wildrose Alliance Party and Progressive Conservative Association have voted to merge, before heading over to Ottawa for a look at the Khadr verdict, the Conservative's American media campaign on the Khadr verdict, and NAFTA renegotiations. 


Fantasy Cabinet

July 15, 2017

The day when Premier Designate John Horgan unveils his Cabinet is fast approaching so Erin, Matthew and Pat sit down to play FANTASY CABINET and offer their picks for Ministers from the NDP caucus. They also get into the appointment of Julie Payette as the new Governor General of Canada. 


Happy Canada150, probably!

July 9, 2017

Erin is joined by Matthew and Patrick as they check in after their Canada150 celebrations, question whether or not Canada150 is worth celebrating at all, revisit the ongoing craziness at the BC Legislature, and see what Justin Trudeau got up to, and decide whether it's really a big deal to forget about Alberta. 


Nice platform, don’t mind if I do…

June 24, 2017

Erin is joined by Matthew and Patrick, and special guest panellist Nathan as they discuss the Beverly McLaughlin McLegacy on the Supreme Court of Canada, Premier Clark's volte face on ... everything, and the NDP leadership race. 


True North Strong, and Freeland

June 10, 2017

Host Erin is joined by Matthew and Pat as they discuss the attack on Zombie Laws, the defence policy review, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Christya Freeland's new muscular foreign policy stance in the wake of the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement.